Young Adult Pathway

Earn your high school diploma (For motivated young adults, ages 18-24).

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Our Young Adult Pathway is available to individuals 18-24 years old who have not yet earned their high school diplomas.

This pathway is flexible and works around our students’ busy schedules. Each student enrolls when they are ready to start, and no time is wasted – our students advance as quickly as they want to! Plus, our students can graduate when they have met all the requirements without needing to wait until June.

Why Students Choose the Young Adult Pathway:

We asked some of our recent graduates why they chose MY Academy’s Young Adult Pathway. Check out some of their reasons below!

  • “Better career opportunities”
  • “Earning a high school diploma is more accessible”
  • “Education improves your skills”
  • “To get new ideas”
  • “Higher pay”
  • “I can take care of my children and complete school without interruption because of the schedule”
  • “I only needed four classes to graduate when I had to stop at my previous school”
  • “Join the Military”
  • “Less risk of being unemployed”
  • “Opens the door to college or trade school”
  • “People who learn more, earn more”
  • “To prove it to myself”
  • “To be a role model for my family”
  • “To take care of my family and their future”
  • “The flexible school schedule fits my work schedule”

The Young Adult Pathway is one of three different pathways within our Independent Study Program.
To learn more about what to expect when you enroll in the Independent Study Program, click here.

Young Adult Pathways

Young Adult Pathway Requirements

Students between the ages of 18 and 24 who meet criteria for reclassification may pursue the State minimum credit pathway of 130 credits upon a review of their record and the recommendation of school administration.

MY Academy offers multiple tracks of enrollment because of our competency-based approach. MY Academy staff will work with each student to create an Individualized Learning Plan based on their unique needs, interests, and academic history that includes a graduation plan and a map for the student’s post-graduation journey.