College and Career Pathway

Build your academic skills, get your high school diploma, and prepare for college or career.

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The College and Career Pathway is available to students who have college or career bound interests. It also gives students flexibility in their school schedules and more time to pursue other passions and projects, ensuring that students can maximize the resources and opportunities available in all aspects of their lives.

Our College and Career Pathway is ideal for students who want more time for:

The Arts

Have more time for specialized
training in dance,
music, and theatre


Hone your skills in Olympic sports,
train for team sports,
or compete in gaming


Get started in a full-time career,
become part of the workforce,
or complete internships/apprenticeships

If you want more time to pursue your aspirations and are college/career-bound, then MY Academy is for you!

The College and Career Pathway is one of three different pathways within our Independent Study Program.
To learn more about what to expect when you enroll in the Independent Study Program, click here.

Career and College-Focused Students

Students may pursue our college, career, and life readiness credit pathway of 210 credits. MY Academy provides a variety of course options in each subject area.

Course design fosters student achievement and guides student progress towards meeting the following:

  • Common Core
  • NGSS
  • California State Standards
  • UC/CSU A-G Admission Requirements

MY Academy utilizes online platforms, which include a UC-CSU approved A-G high school curriculum that consists of more than 225 course titles in addition to an expanding catalog of AP course offerings.

A-G Course List
College Student

Technical or Career-Focused Students

Students pursuing a technical or career pathway instead of a four-year college pathway while completing high school graduation requirements can select courses from an extensive Career and Technical Education (CTE) catalog.

85 introductory and concentrator courses across all fifteen California CTE Career Pathways are offered via the same online platforms that deliver the curriculum across all subject areas.

Teachers supplement and differentiate curriculum to include the use of text-based, web-based, and community-based resources. Courses are selected that interest the student and best meet each learner’s needs. Each course can be personalized by the Teacher of Record, increasing student engagement and achievement.