At-Promise Pathway

Repeat unsuccessful coursework or catch up in your schoolwork if you’ve encountered academic barriers.

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The At-Promise Pathway is available to students who have encountered barriers to academic achievement and success.

Our At-Promise Pathway is for students who may have been impacted by:

  • AB167/AB216 Foster Care
  • AB365 Military Family
  • AB1806/216 Homeless
  • AB2121 Migratory/Newcomers
  • AB2306 Juvenile Courts
  • Barriers to completing a High School Diploma including 19-24-year-olds
  • A gap in enrollment

The At-Promise Pathway is one of three different pathways within our Independent Study Program. To learn more about what to expect when you enroll in the Independent Study Program, click here.

At-Promise Pathway Requirements

Students who meet specific criteria may pursue the State minimum credit pathway of 130 credits upon a review of their academic record and the recommendations of school administration.

MY Academy staff will work with each student and family to create a personalized program of study known as MY PLAN (Motivated Youth – Personalized Learning Adventure Now). Each student’s MY PLAN is based on their unique needs, interests, and academic history that includes a graduation plan and a map for the student’s post-graduation journey.

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