Independent Study

Our school strives to fully prepare students for college, career, and life pursuits!

Our Independent Study Program gives students the flexibility to choose how they use their time – for school, for family, and for fun – and gives them personalized support from a teacher during weekly 1:1 in-person sessions.

The Independent Study Program at MY Academy is non-classroom-based and follows an enriched virtual model of blended education. It is the perfect environment for students and families looking for individualized curriculum and a one-to-one personalized experience.

MY Academy Comes to You!

Your Teacher of Records meets YOU at a convenient location you choose within your own community!

Choose Your Pathway

At-Promise Pathway

Available to students who have encountered barriers to academic achievement and success. This pathway is flexible and works around our students’ busy schedules. Each student enrolls when they are ready to start, and no time is wasted – our students advance as quickly as they want to! Plus, our students can graduate when they have met all the requirements without needing to wait until June.

College and Career Pathway

Available to students who have college or career-bound interests. It also gives students flexibility in their school schedules and more time to pursue other passions and projects or work at an accelerated pace to graduate early.

Credit Recovery

Available to students who are behind on credits, disconnected from school, or may want to return to their school of residence.

Students Enrolled
in the Independent
Study Program Get:


Personalized 1:1 Teacher Support in Your Community

Our school follows an enriched virtual blended learning model – an alternative to full-time online schooling – that allows students to do most of their coursework online, but also meet in-person at a mutually agreed upon, convenient location with a credentialed Teacher of Record for weekly learning sessions. These weekly meetings provide students with support and may include supplemental material to enhance their experience, according to each student's individual needs and interests.

Flexible Learning Environment

Students can work at their own pace and create their own schedule. Plus, not only do students meet with teachers once a week in their own communities, but they also have direct access to talk with teachers whenever they have questions or need additional guidance—via phone, email, text, Skype, and online collaboration tools during regular school hours.

Engaging Curriculum

Our students utilize a curriculum that can be accessed at anytime from anywhere. All coursework is completed through an online platform that offers a large catalog of classes for students of all levels. Students are also engaged through interactive, media-rich content that can be tailored to meet each individual learner's needs.

Individualized Learning Plans

Each student receives an individualized learning plan based on their personal educational goals. Students work with a team that includes family members, a Teacher of Record, guidance counselor and additional school staff who provide strong support in selecting, monitoring, and reviewing coursework and developing long-range plans.

Student Benefits

In addition to a quality education, students can also enjoy lots of exciting benefits, including a laptop and hotspot, a bus pass, YMCA membership, and meal cards.

For more information about the Independent Study Program – including details on the curriculum, teachers, and results you can expect – click here.

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