Who We Are

MY Academy is a non-classroom based California public charter school serving grades TK-12 and young adults ages 18-24, authorized by Mountain Empire Unified School District. 
MY Academy is for families and students looking for distance learning, individualized curriculum, and flexibility; delivered in a highly personalized teacher-supported model.

As a TK-12, tuition-free, accredited, and NCAA-approved school, we educate students who are seeking independent study and an alternative to traditional schooling with an enriched virtual blended learning model. We also offer a homeschool program, as well as schooling for young adults (up to the age of 24 years old).

MY Academy is for families looking for distance learning, individualized curriculum, and an in-person teacher-supported environment.

The culture of MY Academy believes that educational success depends on positive student engagement and high levels of interaction with content, instructors, and resources. This interaction occurs when learning is fun, challenging, flexibly paced, and situated in a climate where curiosity and risk- taking are rewarded.

We enroll students who live in the
following counties:

  • Imperial
  • Orange
  • Riverside
  • San Diego
WASC Accredited
University of CA seal
CSU Seal

Mission Statement

Our philosophy is to support successful student outcomes that result in lifelong learning.

At MY Academy, our mission is to create a diverse and individualized learning environment that supports every student and strengthens relationships between families, programs, authorizers, and the community. With a strong foundation of educator experience, we provide professional support so students can focus on learning.

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It’s our goal to ensure that all graduates of MY Academy will be:

Creative and Complex Thinkers

Effective Communicators & Community/Global Participants

Empowered and Independent Learners

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